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ISO 45001
ISO 45001 provides safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work-related injury and ill health
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GIC Vietnam Certification Council

1- The GIC Vietnam Certification Council was established including members from state management agencies, experts in the field of management systems and quality of product, and representatives of certified organizations/enterprises and other stakeholder.

2- The Certification Council has the function of direction and supervision to ensure objectivity in the assessment and certification of GIC Vietnam.

3- Responsibility and Authority of Certification Council: Comment and approve the direction and policies on implementing certification activities; approved the General Regulation on product certification and management system; reviewing assessment records; governing the handle of complaints and appeals related to the certification process; monitor, supervise and recommend the improvement of certification activities.

4- Organizational structure of the Certification Council: the Chairman and 01 Vice Chairman elected by the Council members; Members and Secretary.

5- Working mechanism of the Council: The Certification Council regularly meeting held once a year. When necessary, the Chairman could summon extra meetings. The meeting of the Council must have attending at least 2/3 of the total number of members. The Council discuss, comment and vote to decide conclusion. The consent of at least 2/3 of the members is required to pass the decisions.
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